General business overall solution

Smart Office Solutions

        With the popularization of the Internet and the development of information technology, operating systems are essential in daily work in various industries. For example, users' daily work involves document editing, speech demonstrations, data analysis, information search, email sending and receiving, printing and scanning, as well as network video conferencing, online business processing, instant messaging, and other needs, all of which require operating systems to provide a convenient and efficient office application environment. The Cloud Needle operating system can provide users with an efficient, easy-to-use, and intelligent daily office environment, and supports many software such as mainstream office software WPS, Google Browser, Firefox Browser, email, print manager, scan manager, etc; At the same time, instant messaging software such as WeChat and Tencent Meeting can also be used to ensure daily office needs.

        The Cloud Needle operating system adopts a lightweight design concept, which is perfectly compatible with CAD, C4D, Adobe and other design software. The application responds quickly and runs smoothly, greatly improving the user experience and meeting the requirements of the design environment. In addition, the Cloud Needle operating system can use VScode software for programming operations, making programming based on Cloud Needle OS more secure; You can also use functions such as Wenhua software to speculate in stocks, making the Cloud Needle operating system an excellent productivity tool.

Smart Education Solutions

        Based on the Cloud Needle operating system, breaking the Windows selection of the education industry operating system, integrating home education, school education, and social education, utilizing intelligent technologies such as artificial intelligence, cloud video, and cloud computing, combined with various terminals, robots, VR/AR and other intelligent equipment, to help schools build smart classrooms, achieve immersive teaching, make education digital, information-based, and intelligent, and promote the balanced development of educational resources, Make high-quality educational resources accessible at a touch.

Smart Hotel Solutions

        The terminal management system based on cloud needle cloud provides consumers with a convenient device operation platform, bringing more collaborative interaction scene experiences, empowering the hotel to complete intelligent multi scene tasks, replacing intelligent devices at a low price, and allowing the hotel to spend less money to bring more intelligent upgrades. The cloud needle smart box can perfectly replace the traditional computer host. With its strong performance and low price, it can reduce costs and increase efficiency for the hotel. It does not need to change the hotel pattern or the existing room price, but it can have multi-functional rooms that are lower than the market Price system, thus forming a strong market competitiveness.

Smart finance solutions

        Breaking through the traditional Windows system solution, greatly improving work efficiency. Create a variety of exclusive customized products such as full media customer service platforms, video services, intelligent customer service robots, intelligent quality inspection, and intelligent assistants, and build a "warm" financial service. Based on the domestic operating system of Cloud Needle, it effectively protects the underlying financial data, makes it safe and controllable, helps financial enterprises expand service channels, improve service quality, and efficiency, and more effectively reduces operational costs and risks.

Smart gaming solutions

        Cloud Needle Technology is targeting the future gaming business sector and has launched a game mode of "cloud running, ultra high definition, zero latency, click and play". Coupled with the flexible scheduling of Cloud Needle's computing power scheduling center, it can provide a smooth running environment with low bandwidth, low latency, and high performance for various games, breaking through the bandwidth and latency issues of real-time cloud rendering, and bringing players the ultimate gaming experience.