CloudNeedle OS
               The tranquilizer needle of the operating system

               New chapter in global digital security


Creating a Whole Industry Ecology with Cloud Needle OS as the Core

With the Cloud Needle operating system as the core, Cloud Needle provides a full scenario solution, including software products, servers embedded with CloudNeedle OS, consumer terminals, IoT terminals, and other electronic hardware products across the industry. Realize the ecological, digital, intelligent, and high-speed development of various industries.

CICC Building the Foundation of Global Computing Power

The CloudNeedle Intelligent Computing Center (CICC) is a cloud computing platform with powerful computing and processing capabilities. It is based on the domestically developed operating system of CloudNeedle Technology, providing core support for global computing power scheduling. At present, we have set up intelligent computing center nodes in major cities in China and South Africa to serve regions and countries along the "the Belt and Road", and will expand to remote regions such as Russia, Europe, South America, etc.


The CNFS builds a strong information security barrier

Cloud Needle has designed and created China's independent and controllable operating system, the new international security communication protocol (CloudNeed FS), in conjunction with domestic universities, which has subverted the centralized communication protocol network architecture dominated by HTTP at this stage, developed a highly reliable, low-power, Internet accessible communication protocol for China's Internet security development, and built a security cornerstone from the operating system and underlying data security level.

Create a new era of domestic operating system

Realize the localization and replacement of terminals in the entire industry, empower the transformation and upgrading of all formats, achieve independent control, efficiency and ease of use from the underlying technology, help promote the informatization transformation of national development factors in the new era, bring domestic systems to new heights, and comprehensively create a new future for domestic operating systems.


Creativity Unlimited!

Enduring many hardships, we finally met in 2021. Cloudneedle is an infant born from the cloud. It is your coming that makes Cloudneedle greater and stronger. Let’s gather in the Cloudneedle community and move forward the world together!

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