CloudNeedle OS
               Focus on Operating System
               Build a new ecosystem for 5G
               Put through cloud terminal, consumer terminal and IoT

Unified Management and Scheduling of Computing Resources Accelerate the Competition

In order to achieve better use of the world’s computing power, Cloudneedle establishes an agile computing resource platform that is connected to every single PC owner to receive the total amount of available resources and makes those collected resources available for everyone.

Competitive Software Ecosystem Break the Monopoly

Cloudneedle uses HTML5,CSS and JavaScript to create applications that can work seamlessly across multiple devices. Write once, run anywhere. Cloudneedle’s Anani OS also adds support for Windows and Android applications. Run all applications on the same screen, what you need is just a browser.

Cutting-Edge Technologies Empowering Information Security

Cloudneedle utilizes various precautions and sandbox many system-level components to secure your digital world.

AI and Future all at your Fingertips

Utilizing AI technologies, Cloudneedle strives to realize a smart society where everyone can enjoy smart life with total peace of mind.


Creativity Unlimited!

Enduring many hardships, we finally met in 2021. Cloudneedle is an infant born from the cloud. It is your coming that makes Cloudneedle greater and stronger. Let’s gather in the Cloudneedle community and move forward the world together!

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