Zhejiang CloudNeedle Information Technology Co., Ltd. is an innovation-type technology company specializing in research and development of commercial scenario applications in the digital era (hereinafter referred to as "CloudNeedle"), and headquartered in the China (Hangzhou) 5G Innovation Park located in the core zone of the Zhejiang Hangzhou Future Sci-tech City.

With technological development and application accumulation over six years, CloudNeedle has independently researched and developed the CloudNeedle OS - a brand-new domestic operating system based on the Linux kernel, which is applicable to a variety of smart terminals. The idea and concept of the operating system are distinctive from those of Windows, Android and Apple (iOS, mac OS), which enables CloudNeedle OS to be completely compatible with most terminal equipment and software in the international and domestic markets, perfectly put through the "Cloud-Edge-Terminal" technologically, and realizes the holistic clustering and precise dispatching & operation of ecology, life and production hashrate.

The CloudNeedle OS series products mainly include the software products with the CloudNeedle OS as the core, and servers, consumer terminals, IoT and other hardware products embedded into the operating system through cooperative development and production, as well as virtualized application services

Address: Room106-106M, 107M, China (Hangzhou) 5G Innovation Park

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