Cloudneedle OS is a Linux-based operating system designed by CloudNeedle. It is derived from the LFS and BLFS and has beed optimized into a light operating system. The operating system includes built-in Webkit browser platform and uses advanced container technology.

In order to make technology autonomous and controllable, when we set up our Cloudneedle OS we choose to write hardware drive programs, tailor Linux kernel, set up tool chain, build H5 application ecosystem by ourselves. We try our best to eliminate potential safety problems and guarantee information security.

Cloudneedle OS can run on most hardware smoothly and make old equipment newborn. Streaming technology and light application can make devices compatible with android application, windows application and Linux environment and offer the same experience of Chrome OS and Web OS.

Please follow these steps:

①Download and install Cloudneedle OS ISO from official website’s mirror;

②Burn it to a USB flash drive;

③Restart the equipment and choose USB flash drive to start the device and install the OS.

Please restart the equipment and wait for a moment, when Logo appears on the screen , push Del, Esc, any key from F1~F12 at the same time, then you can enter into BIOS interface. You can push Esc to quit BIOS.

Note1:According to mainboard manufacturer, you may enter into BIOS in different ways.

Note1:According to mainboard manufacturer, you may enter into BIOS in different ways.

Please follow these steps:

①Wipe the hard disk;

②Open the USB disk and copy the LiveCD system file to the hard disk;

③Use grub-install to install bootstrap program and restart.

It doesn’t affect the original system. You can create a new hard disk partition for CloudNeedle OS to avoid formatting hard disk. After configuring grub boot options, CloudNeedle OS can co exist with the original system.

Default password is 123. If you forget password, you can enter into grub to start a command for configuring no log-in to the system and reset the password.

Please follow these steps:

①Modify network card configuration files, change IP to Static IP.

②Distribute IP, gateway, Mask address, DNS information correctly.

Use the command line to install the source code package.

The network card configuration files path:/etc/sysconfig/ifconfig.eth0

You can download the light application Gaodingsheji. It can meet your basic picture processing needs. You also can use streaming technology.